Object Framing

We specialize in custom object framing. Do you have a valuable object you want to hang on the wall? But are not sure about how to accomplish this? Let Frame Master Galleries help you! We have framed numerous objects from a signed sports jersey, Japanese Kimono , baseballs, hockey sticks, swimwear and antiquities from across the World. If you need your object hung on a wall in a beautiful display, your options from a  shadow or plexi boxes or a custom built display are endless. We have you covered.

Framed Guitar

This guitar was signed by Rock & Roll Legends such as Eric Clapton, Slash, BB King, & Peter Townsend. Custom Framing this was priceless! We mounted the Guitar, designed the plaque and fabricated the frame to make it deeper to fit the thickness of the guitar.                                                                           


Framed Signed Golf Ball & Bag Table

This corner table using a golf bag was made from our design and craftsmanship.

                           If the owner ever wanted to use the bag for anything else, it can be completely removed and used as a golf bag again!                                                                                 



Textile Framing

A valuable Native American rug was protected and displayed to enjoy for years to come, a wonderful unique presentation!



Framed Japanese Kimono



Custom Framed Sports Memorabilia  



Custom Acrylic (Plexi) Boxes