JP Looney Art

When I was a teenager I painted a detailed vase for my Auntie, I was not old enough to realize how much passion I had for painting. 20 years ago, my wife and I bought a picture framing shop because I love working with wood. On a dare I painted an abstract piece and realized my true love…and she sold it right away! Since that day I have painted and sold many. I feel so fortunate that what I do brings joy. In my profession, I have had the privilege to frame a lot of well-known master artists, and I always paint from my soul. I am inspired by color and lay it down on the canvas I want to paint. I have developed my own techniques for silhouettes, abstracts and soft beautiful landscapes, sometimes incorporating colorful shapes and architectural elements into my art. I have been known to add some whimsical elements as well. In all my artwork I always try to get the paint to do the talking. I feel strongly about this. My paintings come from my mind and my soul.